Crono CR1 White

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Crono CR1 White

  • Extra stijve zool
  • Op en top Italiaans
  • Hand made in Italie
  • Extra inleg zool
  • 2 x BOA sluiting

New born by the CRONO Research and development office, is characterized by the BOA® IP1 Series double way closure with nylon coated steel lace, applied with the innovative MULTI CONTACT system, which adapts to the most different shape of the foot, ensuring the perfect heel position. Made of high quality and light weight microfiber, made even more breathable by the laser made openings; the heel grip is guaranteed also by the application of no-slip lining and the insertion of special reinforcement. Equipped with the new FULL CARBON sole with scale value of 10+ downturn.

Get more out of what you put in. The IP1 Boa® Fit System dial features incremental adjustment when the dial is under tension allowing you to dial in fit during use. The turn to tighten, turn to loosen functionality helps accommodate the natural swelling of feet.

After months of testing and refinements R&D, CRONO developed the innovative MULTI CONTACT CLOSURE SYSTEM, it allows the traction of the first closure band which distributed the power on 2 carriers. This allows the shoe to adapt much better to the shape of the different types of feet and also, working with a closing line on the angle of the heel direction, prevents lifting while riding.It provides custom comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure points.

Maximum stabilization of the foot during pedal, medial arch support to blocks pronation and keep the foot in the neutral position.

The High Module Full Carbon Sole 10+ offers the maximum grade of stiffness, transmitting every single watts of power from your foot to your bike.

The rubber tip protection and a replaceable heel make your shoes long lasting.

The Airflow System allow the foot perspiration keeping the insole dry also in case of bad weather.

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