Trivio Tyfoon High pressure alu *gratis CO2 pomp

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Trivio Typhoon High Pressure Alu 14 bar 200PSI * gratis CO2 pompje erbij

Super mooi pomp tot wel 14 bar... Alu hals om ervoor te zorgen dat je de 14 bar kan halen (indien nodig).

  • Gratis CO2 pompje
  • Tot wel 14 bar
  • met meter

The stylish aluminium Trivio Tyfoon floor pump offers outstanding stability and comfort. It has an easy-to-read gauge that measures pressure in both bars and psi, and the reference arrow enables you to specify the same pressure every time. The Tyfoon can pump up to 14 bar (200 psi). The high-quality metal head is compatible with Presta, Dunlop and Schrader air valves. It also features a vent knob so that you can release any excess air after pumping up the tyre, which prevents the head from flying off the valve. The ergonomically designed handle includes soft, anti-slip inserts to provide a firm and comfortable grip.


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